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We have tried putting the basic help information regarding using fdelight and the rest would come from you all.
This section would grow only through your feedbacks and inputs.
What is Fdelight ?
Is Picture uploaded by me safe on Fdelight ?
What is different on Fdelight that other Social sites don’t have ?
How do I share a status or other content on Fdelight ?
What is Superlike on Fdelight?
Is there any limit of making friends on Fdelight?
What is information Library on Fdelight?
How to login or create my account on
How to reset password ?
How do I logout from fdelight account ?
How do I find friends on fdelight ?
How do I make it sure that my friends can find me on fdelight ?
What is the procedure to create an account?
How can I verify my e-mail?
How can I unfriend a friend from my friend list?
How can I change my password?
How can I change my e-mail?
How can I create a photo gallery?
How can I change my privacy?
How can I make my profile private ?
What is super like?
How super like works?
How can I hide our super like?
I want to show super like only for my friend.
How can I block my friend?
I am not able to visit my friend profile.
How can I deactivate my account?
What is library?
How can I advertise on Fdelight?
How can I manage my created advertisements?
How can I renew my advertise?
How can I edit my profile?
How can I change my timeline/Profile image?
What is difference between like and super like?
I am not able to login in my account?
How can I login with facebook and Google account?
What is spam about post?
What is Report abuse about post?
How can I Report Abuse a post?
After spam a post still viewing in my timeline.
How to apply for job in fdelight?
How can I download an image in fdelight?
How can I find my friend on fdelight?
Where I can see my blocked friends?
What is conference Chat?
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